In 1796 the Alter Rebbe, founder of Chabad chassidism published what was to become known as the 'written Torah of Chassidism', revolutionizing Jewish thought forever.

In 1984 the Rebbe, seventh Rebbe of Chabad, launched a world-wide campaign to print new editions of the Tanya in every local where Jews reside, SAYING THAT ????

Since the Rebbe's call, more then 4,000 editions of Tanya have been published thorughout the world, from large bustling cities to small rural commuinties, these holy books have been published by followers, friends and admirers of the Rebbe.

Weather you are a community leader or businessman you too can take part in the Rebbe's intiative by publishing a Tanya in your community of residence, business or vacation.

This site will help you make the Rebbe's vision a reaity.

All About Printing Tanyas
Follow these six easy steps and you will have your own edition of Tanya.
How To
Excerpts from the Rebbes talks and instructions about this significant campaign.
Tanya Editions
A list of the editions to date, including the unique edition number, the city in which it was printed and the year in which it was published.